This data feed subscription is licensed to you or your organization only, you may not resell or relicense the data without explicit written permission from Whois API LLC. Any violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please go to https://www.whoisxmlapi.com/support/WhoisAPIDatabaseSLA.pdf to view the complete license agreement.


Downloading via FTP

  • Host: datafeeds.whoisxmlapi.com
  • Port: 21210
  • Username: 'user'
  • Password: equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.

Average file sizes

  • Number of records / IPs: 1.888.998.603
  • Domains / Subdomains: 1.421.250.100
  • File size (Packed / UnPacked): 18.5Gb / 80Gb

Output structure and fields’ descriptions

  • Structure: <DOMAIN>,<LAST_UPDATE_TIMESTAMP>,<IP1> <IP2> ... <IPn>
  • Example: zs12p1.gotoip1.com.cname.yunjiasu-cdn.net,1530959456,
DOMAIN Domain or subdomain name.
LAST_UPDATE UNIX timestamp of the last visit/update on current record.
IP1, IP2, IPn List of IPs associated with the domain, separated by space.

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