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The passive DNS database is a large Historic DNS repository with 2 billion hostnames and hundreds of billions of Historic DNS Lookups. Our complete passive DNS database allows finding out all historical DNS data points for any hostname and ip address. You will be granted access to the data we have been monitoring from 2008 onward. We offer an exhaustive and properly parsed passive DNS database in the format of an MYSQL dump or CSV file that can be easily processed by your application.

500 billion Historic DNS Lookups
2 billion Hostnames
1 billion Historic Domains
10+ years of data crawling


The comprehensive and coherent database covers more TLD’s than any other.

We offer the most recently updated domain database with every domain name linked to its IP address and host. Get downloads for all major gTLDs.

TLDs & ccTLDs list

Get access to exhaustive and properly parsed data.

Obtain an up-to-date DNS database archive download as Comma Separated Values (.CSV) files or database dumps (MYSQL) to stay on top of the latest changes — suspicious or not — to DNS records.

CSV demo

Transform threat intelligence into actionable prevention and mitigation steps.

Manually parsing raw passive DNS data can be a tedious and error-prone process. With DNS Database Download, users can skip the legwork and readily turn feeds into effective defensive measures.

Look at examples of how our database is used by companies like as yours. Naturally, you can use it for your business’s individual purposes.

The Passive DNS database is used by

  • Website owners to identify visitors to the website.
  • Cyber Security forces to analyze cyber security and prevent fraud.
  • Cyber Security and anti-malware solutions to identify spam, dangerous websites, intrusions, and other web-related misbehavior.
  • Payment processors and banks to detect transaction fraud.
  • Law enforcement agencies to identify any linked domains, websites and IP addresses associated with unlawful activities.
  • Marketing Research Analysts for statistical research analysis.
  • The DNS database can also be used to gain insights into domains.

Practical usage

Cyber Crime investigation

Cyber criminals like to use the same infrastructure source and leave similar signatures & traces behind. DNS History allows you to follow those leads.

SIEM data enrichment

Provides DNS intelligence across a variety of SIEM, Orchestration, Automation and Threat Intelligence Platforms. Power next generation Firewalls with better DNS intelligence data points.

Online Fraud Investigation

Research fraudulent anomalous activity and have the intel and context needed to prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Brand Protection

Monitor your brand’s trademark or copyright and be notified of infringement when they are used on fraudulent domains.

Powering Domain/IP Reputation Scoring Systems

Establish Domain/IP reputation standards with facts and use those to reveal domain and IPs used by malicious actors.

Market Intelligence

Identify associations between IP addresses, host names and organizations.

Threat Hunting and Threat Defense

Track down suspicious cyber resources (hostname, IP, command and control servers) and get the latest malware, phishing or other threat information. Detect patterns of malicious activity and identify phishing or other targeted attacks. Discover associations among threat actors based on Domain, IP & DNS associations to track and block their activity. Conduct fact-based risk profile audit of domain names, IP addresses and other digital assets. Reveal all domains using the same host, DNS server, MX server or other infrastructure used by an existing known malicious domain/threat actor. Uncover all IPs a bad actor is using to hide malicious activity and avoid takedowns. Conduct third-party audits of DNS/MX configurations

Cyber Forensics Analysis

Discover DNS records changes and see how threat incidents correlate. Accelerate incident response and post-breach analysis with context using current and historic domain and IP information.

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