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The comprehensive domain-to-IP database in excess of 1.2 billion domains and subdomains. Our complete DNS Database allows finding out all you have to know about a specific domain name. You will be granted access to the data we have been monitoring from 2008 onward. We offer an exhaustive and properly parsed DNS database in the format of an MYSQL, MYSQL dump or CSV file. Each record contains all parsed fields to be easily processed by your application.

5+ billion Historic WHOIS Records
1.2 billion+ Domains and subdomains
2,864+ TLDs & ccTLDs
10+ years of data crawling


The comprehensive and coherent database covers more TLD’s than any other.

We offer the most recently updated domain database with every domain name linked to its IP address and host. Get downloads for all major gTLDs: .asia, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .pro, and .us.

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Get access to exhaustive and properly
parsed data.

Obtain a DNS database archive download as Comma Separated Values (.CSV) files or database dumps (MYSQL dump or MYSQL).

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Look at examples of how our database is used by companies like as yours. Naturally, you can use it for your business’s individual purposes.

The DNS database is used by

  • Website owners to identify visitors to the website.
  • Cyber Security forces to analyze cyber security and prevent fraud.
  • Cyber Security and anti-malware solutions to identify spam, dangerous websites, intrusions, and other web-related misbehavior.
  • Payment processors and banks to detect transaction fraud.
  • Law enforcement agencies to identify any linked domains, websites and IP addresses associated with unlawful activities.
  • Marketing Research Analysts for statistical research analysis.
  • The DNS database can also be used to gain insights into domains.

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